• The paracord bracelet with Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter has a black nylon side release buckle with a loud signal whistle and fire starter as the closure.
  • Very easy to use - Simply raise your wrist up and blow the whistle alerting others around you that you need help.
  • Remove the bracelet from your wrist to use the rod and striker to start a fire in an emergency. 
  • The safety whistle is a great signaling device to have on you when in the outdoors. If you are lost, you want to make as much noise as possible so people can find you.
  • Use the included fire starter on the clasp to start a fire for warmth and as an emergency signal.
  • Contains several feet of super strong, AUTHENTIC, 550 test military spec paracord. This is not the same paracord you see sold in most stores. This is the same cordage used to rig military parachutes. It is the real deal.
  • In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use. Make a tourniquet. Tie down a piece of equipment. Use it in however you need it.
  • If you use it in an emergency, send us your story and we will send you a new one. All you pay is the shipping costs.
  • Completely waterproof. It will not fade, mildew or rot.
  • Handwash with warm water and soap or detergent.

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